The Wabash Area Lifetime Learning Association annually holds classes for four weeks during the spring and fall and offers a variety of programs, luncheons and trips. All of this great programming is the result of hours of work by volunteers behind the scenes.

We invite you to join us on a committee wherever your special talent may fit in and benefit other WALLA members. Here are some opportunities:

Curriculum Committee - Members plan and carry out the curriculum and evaluate courses.

Programming Committee - Members oversee WALLA learning and enrichment activities that normally occur outside the traditional semesters, such as films, trips, and other programs.

Special Events Committee - Members plan social and recreational events, such as luncheons and picnic,and host refreshments during class sessions.

Audiovisual Committee - Members purchase equipment and supplies for courses and set up and operate A-V equipment for programs and events.

Publicity, Membership, and Newsletter Committee - Members publicize WALLA events, prepare the newsletter, and recruit new members.

Finance and Budget Committee - Members prepare an annual budget, identify potential contributors and sponsors, and engage in long-range financial planning.

Board Development Committee - Members develop a list of prospective board members and present a slate of nominees tthe board for its approval.

WALLA is your organization. It will be only as strong as its members and volunteers. At this time, we especially need members who will serve on the Curriculum Committee and the Publicity, Membership, and Newsletter Committee. We also need course coordinators.

Where do your interests lie? How can you help WALLA? Let us know check one or more committees on which you would be willing to serve.

___ Curriculum Committee
___ Programming Committee 
___ Special Events Committee Audiovisual Committee 
___ Publicity, Membership, and Newsletter Committee
___ Finance and Budget Committee
___ Board Development Committee
___ WALLA Office worker
___ Board of Directors
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Thank you!
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WALLA Office
Rm 209
Morton Community Center
222 N Chauncey Ave. West Lafayette, IN 47906
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Health Form for Trips - fill out before the trip - you must have it to board the bus. (revised 2016)

AV request form for class presenters/instructors/coordinators (revised 2/2017)

WALLA Help Wanted - Volunteer Application

Reimbursement Request - please send to the treasurer or leave in the treasurer's mail box at the WALLA office. (revised 1/2107)